Ian Fortune

It’s over a month since we brought you word of the IGOBF’s attempts to raise vital funds through an English Derby Buster draw which will boast an impressive €5,000 winner’s purse.

Of course, the English Derby will come to a conclusion on June 25th meaning there is limited time to make your purchase. So, don’t get left out in the cold. If everyone that reads this buys a ticket, they will soon be sold out.  

And what of the proceeds? This is a reminder that the IGOBF have also committed to putting Every penny raised in the draw back into prize money at various tracks all over Ireland, including north of the border.

This must be applauded and I would urge everyone to get involved. For €25 you could win €5,000 – surely, it’s a no brainer.

Those wishing to purchase a ticket can do so at:

The details of the draw, as stated on the informative IGOBF website, are:

“Join in the excitement and be in with a chance to WIN €5,000 on the final of the 2022 English Greyhound Derby!!

In every six-dog greyhound race, there is an amazing 720 different (1 to 6) combinations that the result can be achieved!

To be in with a chance to win €5,000 on the correct finishing order on the final of the 2022 English Derby Final (25th June) purchase your ticket here.

Each purchase is €25 and you will receive your unique sequence and receipt by e-mail.

The winning sequence will be the winner of the €5,000!!”