Presentation/Handling/Parading of greyhounds at Licensed Stadia

Pursuant to the Greyhound Industry (Racing) (Amendment) Regulations 2016, the following persons are authorised to present, handle and parade greyhounds at Licensed Stadia.

Registered Owner. 

The person, persons, or Syndicate members who are registered with the Irish Coursing Club as owners of a greyhound.

Public or Private Licensed Trainer. 

A Public Trainer "means a person holding a licence from Greyhound Racing Ireland authorising him to train and manage greyhounds for reward”. Applications to act as a Private Trainer may be downloaded
A Private Trainer "means a person (other than a permanent full-time employee of either a public trainer or a registered owner who manages greyhounds for such trainer or owner) holding a licence from Greyhound Racing Ireland authorising him to train and manage for reward not more than four greyhounds at the same time. Applications to act as a Public Trainer may be downloaded.
Authorised Kennelhand This person is the holder of an authorisation which nominates them to handle greyhounds in the charge of a registered owner or licensed trainer and who acts as the greyhound’s handler and/or parader at any stage of a race meeting. Applications to act as an authorised Kennelhand are available at Licensed Stadia or may be downloaded.
A person may hold an authorisation to act as Kennelhand on behalf of more than one owner or trainer.
Authorised Agent 
This authorisation permits a person to act as an agent for an owner while the greyhound is in the possession of the Agent. The agent is not permitted to charge any fee for the handling of the greyhound. These permits are obtained from The Irish Coursing Club. 
Application forms may be are available at