Our People, The Generations

Our People. In 2018, we had their stories. In 2020, we saw their day.

Now we meet the Generations.

We're very excited to bring you the next chapter in the Our People series: Our People, The Generations.

The hundreds of years of tradition that forms our sport.

The generations of families brought together

by their love of the dogs.

We stand for all that is good about our sport

and we are its future.



Meet the Murphys, County Wexford

Meet the Murphy family from County Wexford - 4 generations of one family with one thing in common, the love of their greyhounds.

"It brings all the family into it and gets us all working together as a unit, it's a good thing"

Learn more about the family and their story in our wonderful sport now.

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Meet the Scanlons, County Limerick

Meet the Scanlons from County Limerick – Donie, Kathy, Siobhan, Catriona and Kacie with greyhounds Bingo & Rolly.

The family race under the Ballyelan prefix, a nod to their townland. Greyhounds have a long history in Ballyelan, tracing back to 1934 when Donie’s father Jim began training.

For many years there was no greyhounds in the house, but after Donie & Kathy’s son Donal passed away suddenly in 2006, their children got them two greyhound pups - a routine and focus to help them through a very difficult time. On 6th August 2008, one of those two pups gave them their first winner, the beginning of a new chapter in the Ballyelan story.

Every year the family sponsor the Donal Scanlon Memorial in Limerick, a way to honour his memory and also give back to the sport they love.

Meet the Scanlon family from County Limerick, one of the many proud families involved in Irish Greyhound Racing

The family run a small kennel with just 6 greyhounds there currently, three racing, one retired mammy and her two 12 month old Pestana pups. Kathy takes charge of the feeding and nutrition, Donie looks after the walking and exercising and when her homework is done granddaughter Kacie arrives to help in any way she can. Kacie is their biggest fan and even has her own Ballyelan clothing range!

Siobhan took the family involvement to another level when she joined the team at Limerick Greyhound Stadium in 2010. In 2014 for her work as Business Development Executive for Limerick and Galway, Siobhan won the Network Ireland Limerick Employee of the Year Award before representing the region in the Network Ireland National Awards.

While Siobhan has moved on to a new job with Limerick GAA, she still plays an important role every spring when the Con and Annie Kirby Memorial rolls around, helping to coordinate the GAA Club involvement. 

Meet the Byrnes, County Dublin

Meet the Byrnes family from Co. Dublin.

From Imelda down through the generations to the her young great-grandchildren, 4 generations of the family share a love of greyhounds.

"It's great for bringing families together...."

Learn more about the family, how they got their Catunda prefix and how they come together for what they love - greyhounds!

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Meet the Dempseys, County Wexford

Meet the Dempsey family from Co. Wexford - one of the many generations involved in Irish Greyhound Racing and featured in the Our People, The Generations series from Greyhound Racing Ireland

Featuring Gary, Michael, Lorraine, Jamie & Johnny joined by greyhounds Sid & Frankie.

Michael will be recognisable to trainers and owners across the country as he has served as Racing Manager in not 1 but 4 stadia.  He commenced his career in Lifford, moved to Dundalk, followed by a stint in Enniscorthy and is now part of the Leinster Racing Office with responsibility for Shelbourne Park.

Michael & his brother Gary inherited their love of greyhound racing from both sides of the family with both his father's family (The Dempseys) and his mother's side (The Donohues) well known in Wexford greyhound racing circles.  Their maternal grandfather was a Bookmaker in Enniscorthy Greyhound Stadium and his Paternal Grandfather had track racers as far back as the 1930's.

Their uncle Johnny (Donohue) served as a Board Member in both Enniscorthy and Kilcohan Park Greyhound Stadia. 

Believe it or not greyhound racing even helped with Michael’s love life! He met his wife Lorraine at Kilcohan Park Greyhound Stadium when she was on a girls night out - so greyhound racing helped to bring them together!

Their son Jamie is now carrying on the tradition as he can be seen helping Uncle Gary on a weekly basis with their racers Sid & Frankie, ensuring that the next generation of Dempseys will carry on the family sport!

Meet the Fitzgeralds, County Clare

Tom, Rose and sons Mark & Shane with their retired racers Holly & Ollie - Proud Clare People!

This really is family affair as the Fitzgeralds breed, rear and train their own greyhounds in Parteen, Co. Clare. They race under the "Ocean" prefix, which incidentally has been their family prefix since 1928!

Tom inherited his love of greyhound racing from his dad, Tom Senior, who inherited his interest from his Grandfather.

Tom is well known in the Mid-West greyhound circles as he is currently serving as the Chairman of the Advisory Committee for Limerick Greyhound Stadium where he also does most of his racing.

One of his own best memories?

It must be winning the Con Kirby Memorial back in 2011. This was the precursor to the popular Con & Annie Kirby Memorial event that is hosted currently.

Video: Our People, The Generations - It Runs Deep
The O'Donnells, The Buggys & The Scanlons

Across Ireland, generations of families work together behind the scenes in Irish Greyhound Racing.

They all share a love for their greyhounds, a passion for their sport and a deep sense of pride in what they do.

The video features:
The O'Donnell Family from Co. Tipperary
The Buggy Family from Co. Carlow
The Scanlon Family from Co. Limerick

As part of the Our People, The Generations series, we'll be spotlighting just some of the wonderful people in greyhound racing through photos and videos to share their stories. Keep an eye out over the coming weeks to learn about them.

The Dempseys, The Maguires & The Mullins

The video features:
The Dempsey Family from Co. Wexford
The Maguire Family from Co. Waterford
The Mullins Family from Co. Galway

The Hennessys & The Fitzgeralds

The video features:
The Hennessy Family from Co. Kilkenny
The Fitzgerald Family from Co. Clare


Behind The Scenes - A Sneak Peek at Our People, The Generations In The Making

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